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Boat Engine Service and Repair

Ahoy sailor! Owning a yacht or boat is an incredible luxury. You can sail the sees, sun tan, dive and fish and life seems like it can’t get any better until…your engine starts spluttering and then dies altogether. Then your sailing dream turns into a nightmare. Unless you are a marine mechanic or have the know how to expertly carry out your boat repair you are effectively up the creak without a paddle.

While boat engines are built to last, boat maintenance is key to extend the life of the boat, your safety and save you money in the long run. Scheduling in time regular maintenance and health checks is just as important as looking after yourself or your car.  After all, you have spent a fair amount of money on an incredible vehicle and skimping on the upkeep will most definitely cause problems in the long-run, not to mention affect its resale value!

boat repair

Suitable Marine mechanic

Keeping an eye out on anything that can cause alarm such as leaky deck fittings, loss of power or boat wear and tear is easy enough to do and may be just enough to alert you to potentially bigger problems. If you do spot a problem, you need to ensure you have the right people on hand to turn to for help.

Finding a suitable mechanic can be difficult. Car mechanics are plentiful but finding a local and well established mobile marine mechanic that can not only repair the engine, but has the tools, equipment and parts to do so on hand is not easy to find.

Dtech Contracting Professional Mobile Marine Mechanic

D-Tech Contracting are a mobile marine mechanic in Perth and provides boat repair and power generation services. Their licence and trained technicians specialise in regular maintenance and preventative maintenance work. They can advise on the type of engine and offer per-purchase inspections, safety checks and detect early indications of fault or failure thus saving you money in the long-run.

Their goals is to work in partnership with you through a carefully put together plan of regular, scheduled preventative maintenance work to increase the effectiveness and longevity of your vessel.

The professional diesel mechanics seen it all and are well versed in dealing with problem engines, often within a tight schedule. They can efficiently and skilfully handle any boat repair issue you may suddenly face including complete engine rebuilds, power regeneration and gearbox repairs.

They also provide a 24 hour emergency call-out service and all their work is guaranteed as standard.