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Boat Slip Yards in Perth WA and Surrounding Suburbs

What is a Boat Slip Yard?

Slip Yard originally came from the terms slip or slipway. It is referring to a ramp used for moving boats or ships to water, or otherwise from water to land. Small boats or ships placed on the slips then pulled by a crane or forklift to let it “slip” off safely to the water. A place where there are many slips for ships or boats available is called slip yard. Slip yard can also be a place where boats and ships undergo some repair or maintenance by marine mechanics, or simply a place for ships to be parked when not sailing.

what is a boat slip yard

A slip yard in Perth, a place to maintain or repair any boats

Who Owns a Boat Slip Yard?

Commonly slip yards are not owned privately by one individual, but by marinas, ports, or even municipal governments. Aside from ports used for defense purpose, or big international commercial ports, just like in Fremantle coastal area, there are few slip yards that can be rented. Usually these slip yards are also functioning as marinas or aquatic holiday sports.

who owns a boat slip yard

Picture of D-Tech Contracting company, specialise in marine mechanic work

How Does a Boat Slip Yard Work?

Slip yard owners will hire or employ professionals for slipping process. The slipping process moves boats or ships from water to dock for maintenance by marine mechanics. This process sounds simple, but the actual process is quite complex and must be done carefully. For small boats, slipping is simpler and not requiring many mechanical instruments to operate. But for bigger boats and yachts, a bigger crane or machinery is required to move them to the intended place.

Even though almost all of the heavy lifting in the process are done my machines, man power is still needed in this process. For example is to tie/untie knots, measuring and adjusting ships, or operating the machinery itself. This process tolerates zero mistake, as any miscarriage could result in boat damage, or even human injury.

how does a boat slip yard work

Some slipways in Perth area, ready to pull or push out any boats to the water


Where are the Boat Slip Yards in Perth WA?

  1. Mandurah Ocean Marina
    Located in the Mandurah City, about 75 km south of Perth. Owned by local government. Open Monday to Friday at 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

    mandurah ocean marina

    Sunset view in Mandurah Ccean Marina, Perth suburb

  1. Port Bouvard Marina
    Located on the Dawesville Channel, just a few minutes south of Mandurah city. Open 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

    port bouvard marina

    Aerial view of Port Bouvard Marina, Dawesville Channel

  1. Fremantle Ports (Kwinana Bulk Terminal)
    One of the busiest ports in Western Australia. Open 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    fremantle ports kwinana bulk terminal

    Fremantle harbour is the largest and busiest in Western Australia

  1. Port Geographe Marina
    Located in Busselton. Open 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

    port geographe marina

    Calm and nice view of Port Geographe Marina, Busselton

  1. Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club
    Located 25 minutes north of Perth. You have to be a member first before you can use their facilities. Open from Monday to Friday, at 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

    ocean reef sea sports club

    Private members of Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club, north of Perth

Those are some examples of public or community owned slip yards, which usually are also functioning as marinas, waterfronts, or aquatic holiday spots. If you plan to rent a yacht or boat make sure to check its conditions. If you already own your own boat, do not forget to do the maintenance regularly. Call your trusted marine mechanic should any problems occur to ensure you can enjoy your vacation with no worry.