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How to Get Recreational Skippers Ticket Perth

Who doesn’t love sailing? And when you’re lucky enough to live along Perth’s beautiful coastline, enjoying a sunny days sailing along the river is heaven. But before you jump right in and buy a boat, you might want to think about getting your skipper ticket and you can do that from the Perth boat school.

About The Recreational Skippers Ticket Perth

The Recreational Skippers Ticket Perth is a course set by the Department of Transportation and is a requirement for any individual who would love to skipper a recreational vessel with an engine greater than 6hp in WA waters. The course is designed to go through all theoretical aspects of WA boating rules and requirements to help you get your skippers licence.

Recreational Skippers Ticket is needed for any person intended to skipper a watercraft, rowboat, 70 foot launch or a PWC (jet ski). It does not matter what size or kind of vessel as long as it is leisure as well as powered by an engine over 6hp.

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Where can I sit the course?

The courses are strategical located so you always have one close to you. You can sit the course at the following locations:Rockingham, Hillarys, Mindarie, Maylands/Bayswater, Canning River, Woodman Point. The waters are quite and calm so you can be safe and confident at all times

What does the course entail?

Courses run for half a day with both early morning and afternoon programs last about 5 hrs.

As part of the course, you will be adequately trained to accomplish 11 official tasks of a skipper and you will be required to do all 11 capably. You will be offered sufficient practice on each task to help you  increase in confidence and knowledge so you can pass the assessment. The assessment for these is by means of point system set out by the Department of Transportation and should take only about 10-15 minutes.

The course consists of practical and theoretical components. The theory evaluation test is undertaken by the Department of Transportation and consists of a closed-book set of 40 questions with a minimum pass level of 34/40.  Success rate is an exceptionally high at 98%, however if you do happen to score less than 34/40, you can resit the test on the very same day for no extra fee after going over with the instructor on areas where you failed.

The course by Perth Boat School has handy tips to help you for your test and there are video clips to help you visualise what you will need to be aware of once you are on the seas.

As soon as you have passed the theory evaluation, you get on your watercraft and the enjoyable practical training component begins. Here, you will be taken out on the water, aboard among ABC vessels and be trained on the different boating tasks you will be required to know.

After passing all your practical and theory assessments, you will have a Skippers Ticket Perth and are certified and geared up to take your vessel out on the water!

How can I book the course?

You can book  the course from the Perth Boat School website by clicking on ‘timetable’ as well as the on-line training course web link and once you do that, you will immediately be emailed the course you to begin learning.

What will I need?

You will need to provide the Perth Boat School appropriate ID, plus consent if under 18, or vision declaration type if you do not have an Australian MDL (electric motor chauffeurs permit) or LP (Learners Authorisation).

I’ve never skippered a boat previously, can I do this?

Our programs are created for people brand-new to boating. In fact, it is actually less complicated to train a person with absolutely no prior experience than a person who has sailed before but might have established some bad behaviours. It’s an enjoyable experience that takes a few hours and is designed for amateurs, so no previous experience is needed.