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How to Get Your Skippers Ticket the Easy Way!

Australia is one of the best areas to delight in the views of the seas with boating. Known to have the best beaches in the world for everyone to enjoy, there is nothing better than climbing aboard your own boat and setting sail for adventures with family and friends. From fishing, or water sports to just catching a tan on the open water, the possibilities are endless. However to guarantee everyone’s safety it is important you sit your skippers ticket test and get your recreational skippers ticket.  But how do you get your skippers ticket Perth? Read on and we’ll fill you in.

What is skippers ticket?

The Skippers ticket Perth is the equivalent of a driving licence. The certificate acknowledges that you have passed a skippers course and allows you to operate a boat. Just as you would not think about driving on the roads without a valid driving licence, so to should you ensure you get your skippers ticket so you are fully aware of the boating rules and regulations as well as the working parts of the boat, boat maintenance and more importantly all the safety precautions and considerations.




Why we need skippers ticket?

Having a skippers licence means you can feel confident and your passengers will feel safer knowing you have all the knowledge you need for a successful trip. You will be able to hire and set sail on your own with a licence and go further out to see. The Skippers ticket does not need to be renewed and is valid forever. You may think driving a boat is simple but with a skippers ticket test you will be taught many things you may not have even considered including Trip planning, Radio procedures & logging on, berthing alongside jetty, boat handling, Skipper & crew responsibilities, Controlled stopping, Fuel and cooling systems, Rules & Regulations & use of safety equipment.

How to get a skippers ticket?

Getting a skippers ticket is easy.

First you need to select the right boat school and for that we recommend Sea Safe Boat School. They are Perth’s leading boat school and have the perfect course and facilities for your requirements.

To get started, you will need to provide Proof of Identity and an eyesight evaluation that should be done utilising the correct Department of Transport form. Non-Department of Transportation kinds will be most likely rejected by the department who are providing the Skippers ticket test. The sight examination can be accomplished by any physician.

No medical or fitness examination is needed but you will need to fill in a clinical declaration form.

Once you have those items you can choose the right course for you. At Sea Safe they have Silver and Gold courses for you to choose from. All courses are structured and well thought out and includes face-to-face tuition and plenty of information to ensure you have all you need to pass your theory test. After the theory test, you are then able to move on to the practical part of the course which is carried out in modern boats.

Why I choose sea safe boat school?

As the best Boating school Perth, Sea Safe can help get your licence quicker and easily than you thought. They offer courses 7 days a week from 8am at locations to suit you. Sea Safe Boat school provides personalised boating training courses for you to choose from at their state of the art facilities and custom built boats.

Affordable and with a high pass rate, you will enjoy the experience immensely. Their friendly team are on hand to help you through the entire process and offer face to face tuition, free DVD and practice questions and a practical assessment on calm and shallow waters. Getting your skippers ticket Perth has never been easier than with Sea Safe Boat School.